Planned Giving

planned givers planning gifts Everyone should have an estate plan that specifies how your assets, no matter what their value, will be managed at death or in the event of incapacity during life. An estate plan is designed to ensure that your assets will be managed or distributed as you wish, as well as to ease the practical and administrative burdens on family members, beneficiaries, and others.

Planned gifts provide creative and flexible strategies for you to pursue your charitable and financial goals. Among the financial benefits you may receive are lifetime income for yourself or your family, and substantial tax savings. However, the greatest benefit of a planned gift to MSAA lies in knowing that you are supporting work that is important to you and the MS community for generations to come. When you make a planned gift, you gain the personal satisfaction of helping others while advancing your financial goals.

All gifts, large or small, work together to support what we do. If MSAA is an organization that is close to your heart, then consider including them in your estate plan. It will allow MSAA to continue the important work of serving, assisting and improving the lives of the MS community.

Planned Gift Options

Simple Gifts Anyone Can Make:

These gifts allow you to maintain your current lifestyle and will be exempt from future federal estate taxes.

Gifts of Assets:

You receive immediate income tax benefits, avoid capital gains taxes on items that have increased in value, and transfer the expense of insuring or maintaining assets you no longer need.

Thank you for your support!

Announcing your future intention to recognize MSAA as a part of your legacy helps the organization plan to improve lives in the years to come.

Want to give in another way?

Call us directly to help plan for your future gift (800)532-7667 ext. 172

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving The MSAA Legacy Society was established to recognize and honor those individuals whose estate plans or wills include gifts designated for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

If you feel strongly about our mission and the work we do to Improve Lives Today for those living with MS and would like to join with other supporters who share your passion and expectations for our future, we hope you'll consider joining the MSAA Legacy Society.

Let us know when you've completed your plan. We want to make sure your future gift will be used exactly as you intend and we'd like the opportunity to thank you.

Legacy Society Membership Enrollment Form (PDF)

What You Can Do Today

Contact MSAA at (800)532-7667 ext 172 or email about joining the Legacy Society or to let us know that you have already made a gift to MSAA in your estate plans. (We will respect your wishes to remain anonymous if you so choose.)