Continuing Education - The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity and Early Diagnosis

Thursday, March 11, 2021
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

All Roads Lead to Change: Addressing Unmet Needs in the African American MS Community

Target Audience

This initiative is intended for neurologists, MS subspecialists, primary care clinicians, ER providers, registered nurses, social workers, case managers, other health care professionals involved in treatment and management of black patients with MS.

Program Overview

Incidence rates of MS have been found to be higher in both black males and black females versus white males and white females. Disease progression is also significantly faster in black MS patients in both brain and retinal measures. Furthermore, African Americans are dying from MS at an earlier age, which suggests that MS burden weighs disproportionately across race demographics.

These observations suggest a need to identify and address barriers to appropriate MS care experienced by African American patients. Efforts to lower and overcome these and other barriers require recognition of the gaps in care as well as behavioral changes within the MS treater community to minimize initial treatment delays and attenuate disease progression.

The importance on the part of providers to appreciate the cultural beliefs, traditions and perspectives of the patients they are treating is paramount. In this webcast, an MS specialist and a leader in minority health quality research and education will explore the close and important link between cultural sensitivity and early diagnosis and how providers can meaningfully appreciate their patients’ cultural backgrounds.

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This program is supported by independent educational grants from Biogen, Genentech, Inc., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, and Sanofi Genzyme.


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